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Solution focused, Trauma informed Counselling services


Whether you're new to counselling or coming back, know that you’re not alone, because I understand that life can get a little messy from time to time.

What’s on your heart and mind is important to Therapeutic Conversations – Counselling Solutions! 

Therapeutic Conversations - Counselling Solutions embrace and value the uniqueness of all individuals inclusive of race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual abilities, and social-economic status.

An Australian wide telehealth counselling service for individuals 18yrs and older, providing a safe virtual therapy space where clients can feel supported.


"Thank you for helping me so much. You really helped me realize different thoughts and ideas through the questions you asked."

"Thank you for listening to me!! Talking it out is helping me gain back my sense of power and control making the problems seem smaller than what they the problems are more manageable."

"I feel a lot of relief. I feel so much better. Things in my head are a lot clearer. I like to understand things, and this is something I haven't understood all my life. The session has helped me so much I feel. Thank you so much. I appreciate this so much."

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