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Approach to Counselling

Client-centred, Strengths-based, Solution focused, Trauma informed counselling service.

Main therapies used are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) while also incorporating aspects of Positive Psychology and Narrative Therapy.

We can assist with:
Depression and Anxiety
Grief and Loss
Relationship Issues
Self-esteem and Identity Issues
Body Image
About Therapeutic Conversations

We are not only, a virtual counselling space to unload worries or stress, talk through issues, problem solve concerns, work towards personal goals, and embrace your authentic self, but also, a way to explore possible solutions and develop effective long-lasting coping skills to add to your wellbeing toolkit.  

Frequently over the years I have heard people share their concerns about discussing their difficulties and struggles with others, because they worry that friends and family might not understand, might feel burdened, or even feel overwhelmed. As a result, people tend to bottle things up despite knowing that they really would like to talk to someone. Someone who will genuinely listen and try to understand, while also supporting them with no judgment or criticism or unwanted advice giving. 

For this reason, Therapeutic Conversations – Counselling Solutions was birthed, to offer clients a safe place to talk things through, to be able to share openly about what’s on their hearts and minds, while also feeling rest assured that they are receiving confidential professional support.   

We all deserve to experience healthy conversations and genuine human connection, but sometimes for whatever reason this just isn’t possible. Because of this, Therapeutic Conversations – Counselling Solutions focuses on the working relationship between the client and counsellor where therapy happens via the conversation, in contrast to the typical focus on diagnostic labels and interventions.  

My hope for you, is that you will come away feeling empowered, hopeful, and experience a renewed zeal for life.  

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